BandonPrepares strives  to build a culture of preparedness!

BandonPrepares is a non-profit organized to support The City of Bandon and the Bandon Rural Fire Protection District in implementing a program of Disaster Preparedness

Our Mission

The mission of BandonPrepares is to help the people of the Greater Bandon Area become prepared to deal with whatever disaster befalls us. A keystone program is "Map Your Neighborhood" where we develop the teamwork that can result in more survival of disasters. Another is the "Community Emergency Response Team" (CERT) which builds community wide teamwork not only to respond to emergencies but also the continuing work that contributes to the common unity.


CERT training in Bandon was successfully concluded and the Bandon CERT is now functioning. BandonPrepares continues to support CERT, but does not control its activity. Bandon CERT meets on the third Tuesday of each month at 7 pm in the Training Room at the Fire Hall on 17th St. south of town west of Hwy 101. Watch for the biggest flag  ;-)

Board Meetings are on the last Tuesday of each month  at noon also at the Fire Hall.

Plans are being made to follow up on the CERT Training with First Aid classes. The leading proposal is to encourage participation in an on-line course used by the Bandon Police Dept.Support would be offered to those taking the course  and a follow-up hands on experience.

A committee has been formed to seek funding to develop a "Cache Program." One of the most pressing problems for as much as half of the population is to find a safe and secure place to store emergency preparedness food and equipment. This problem is caused by the fact that their homes are in the tsunami inundation zone and anything sotred there is not expected to survive.A Special Board Meeting to address this concern will be held at the Fire Hall on April 10, 2014 from 3-5 pm.




P.O. Box 2029, Bandon, Oregon | 541-290-8595