BandonPrepares strives to build a culture of preparedness!

Our Mission

The mission of BandonPrepares is to help those living in the City of Bandon and the Bandon Rural Fire Protection District to be prepared should a disaster strike. Our goals include support for a public education and awareness program that encourages individual stockpiling of emergency supplies, a community cache program to store critical shelter supplies, and an organized "Community Emergency Response Team" (CERT) which furthers the teamwork necessary to recover from a disaster.

Our program includes an information booth at Bandon's Farmer's Market Fridays and Saturdays from 10am-4pm.

BandonPrepares, Inc. is a registered Oregon non-profit organization supporting the City of Bandon and the Bandon Rural Fire Protection District in implementing a program of disaster preparedness. Please consider donating to support the activities outlined below.

Board of Directors Meetings are generally held on the 4th Wednesday of each month at 1:00 PM at the Bandon Rural Fire Protection District Hall.  The public is welcome unless it is necessary to have an occasional executive session. Contact us for the most current information.


** BandonPrepares Awarded Community 101 Grant **

The Oregon Community Foundation through Bandon High School awarded a $600 grant for emergency supplies for the students. BandonPrepares allocated an additional $400 and suppliers also provided a discount allowing purchase of a pallet of water bottles, and rain ponchos and emergency thermal blankets for hundreds of students and staff.

** BandonPrepares Awarded Oregon OEM Grant **

The Oregon Office of Emergency Management awarded a $9900 grant for materials on Feb. 27, 2015 to improve Bandon's tsunami evacuation route signage and way finding capability. The project installed informational and directional signage in Bandon during April-July, 2015. The project's numerous stakeholders, led by the City of Bandon and the Port of Bandon, donated an additional $30,000 of in-kind labor and materials. 


Community Emergency Response Team training in Bandon was successfully conducted and the Bandon CERT is now functioning. To attend a future CERT class, check the Bandon CERT Face Book page or inquire through BandonPrepares. Bandon CERT meets on the third Tuesday of each month at 6:00 PM in the Training Room at the Bandon Rural Fire Protection District Hall on 17th St. south of town west of Hwy 101. Watch for the biggest flag! Bandon CERT Team Leader Tony Chatman may conduct a Teen CERT class at Bandon High School again this year. BandonPrepares continues to provide some financial support to Bandon CERT, which operates independently. The Bandon CERT Team Leader serves as the liaison to BandonPrepares. 

"Cache Program" is being implemented to support the community by having a safe and secure place to store emergency supplies and equipment. This problem is caused by the fact that about one-third of Bandon's residents have homes in the tsunami inundation zone and anything stored there is not expected to survive. The City of Bandon has placed two 20-foot storage containers in City Park to provide for a cache of emergency supplies. The containers are currently being used to store basic shelter supplies and a limited amount of water. At present, there is no plan to store food in the containers. An additional container is planned for the Veterans of Foreign Wars facility in Bandon. While financial donations are always welcome, BandonPrepares is not currently soliciting donations of materials or supplies from the public.

The "Map Your Neighborhood" program is designed to inform local residents so they can learn how to prepare for disasters, and get to know their neighbors and resources in the vicinity to be able to care for each other.

First Aid Training: Pro First Aid offers FREE First Aid Training on-line. Watch numerous training videos to improve your knowledge at your own pace.

Contact:  P.O. Box 13, Bandon, Oregon | 541-252-7335  

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